1. How young can I start my children in martial arts training?

A: Here at American Sports Karate, all of our instructor staff has had success in teaching children as young as four years old and up.  The age at which your child is going to begin to benefit the most is really dependent on the child’s development.  The average age and the age that we recommend is 5 years old, although we have had great success at early ages, 4 – 5 years seems to be a good starting point.  The best way to find out is bring your child in for an introductory evaluation and let our trained staff help you make a decision.


2.  Why is Martial Arts training crucial for a child’s development?

A:  This is the easiest question to answer for most people.  Here at A.S.K., self-discipline, mental focus, awareness, and self confidence are equally as important as the physical aspect of karate and self defense training for your children.  Through our “Little Champions” and young adult programs we focus heavily on these qualities which provide your children distinct advantages in all aspects of their early development.

As for your child’s physical development, our karate program is the best way to start to develop balance, physical fitness, agility, flexibility, and hand-eye coordination that will give your child the foundation that they need to excel in whatever it is that they wish to pursue in life.  Giving them this head start not only allows your child a physical advantage but with the knowledge to be able to defend themselves physically and the mental discipline to know when to apply it, it will allow your kids a boost of self-confidence that is crucial to getting ahead in life.


3. When am I to old to begin karate?

A. You are never too old to begin karate.  The best aspect of our program is that you can move and progress at your own pace.  Some older folks may be intimidated to jump into martial arts training with younger more agile individuals.  We make sure that this is not the case at A.S.K., our instructors have decades of experience working with people of all ages to make sure that you are getting the most of your time here.  Most older people see a very positive effect in their physical condition with increased strength, cardiovascular endurance, and not to mention weight loss.


4. How fit do I need to be to study karate and ju-jitsu safely?

A: There is no fitness requirement to begin training karate or ju-jitsu at American Sports Karate.  In fact, our program is the best way to get back into the shape you once were or desire to be.  Our Karate and Ju-jitsu programs will give you just the right mix of aerobic and anaerobic workouts that are perfect for cardiovascular conditioning and weight-loss.  Our instructors will be happy to sit down with you one on one and discuss your fitness and nutrition goals that will keep you on the right track.


5. How quickly can I progress?

A: This is truly up to the practitioner.  With the ability to come to unlimited classes 6 days per week the sky is the limit.  You progress through different belt levels once you have been able to perform the techniques correctly and up to standard for that belt level.  It is natural that some folks progress faster than others, but rest assured that our instructor core is willing to spend the time it takes to make sure that you are reaching your goals. 


6. How fast can I earn a black belt?

A: This is also relevant to the time and effort put into your training.  You will be able to take your black belt exam once you have progressed through the ranks and have demonstrated the skills required to perform the techniques effectively.  The average time at American Sports Karate is 4-5 years of consistent training, but some folks have taken shorter and some have taken much longer.  Know that once you have successfully earned your black belt, it will be one of the best experiences of your entire life.  You will also have the utmost confidence that you can not only apply the techniques of the Wado Karate and Jiu-jitsu system to be able to defend yourself and your loved ones, but also be able to correctly teach the material to others willing to learn.  After your Black belt exam you will also be in the best physical condition you have ever been in and we think you will have found a whole new way of life.


7. Should I be afraid of getting hurt while practicing karate?  

A: Absolutely Not !!!!!  At American Sports Karate we always consider safety first.  You should never have the fear of getting hurt or being injured even while working with partner’s that may be bigger that you are.  Once you enter the kumite, or sparring phase, you will use all necessary protective gear and this will be done under close supervision from instructors in a very controlled environment.


8. Why should I join the Competition Team??

A: We take competition very seriously at A.S.K., although it is not a mandatory event that students must do to progress at A.S.K. it is very highly recommended.  We at A.S.K. believe in the statement “Competition Breeds Excellence”.  As a student right from the beginner stage of your training, you will have the ability to test your skills against other traditional karate practitioners in a light contact controlled environments.  You will have the option to compete in the Amateur Athletic Union and United States National Karate Federation sanctioned events, along with the option to compete on local, state and national levels.  Our instructors and coaches are all national competitors with years of experience developing athletes and competing in these types of arenas all over the world.

You must be part of the competition team to take part in the competition team workouts and training sessions. This team is open to all students at all levels the only thing we ask is you give maximum effort and participation.  As a team member you will have access to state of the art training equipment and techniques to improve speed, agility, core strength and conditioning. You will also have access to training seminars given by national team coaches and current and former national and world champions. 


9.  Can my whole family learn and study karate together? 

A: YES!!  In fact, it is encouraged that the entire family be involved because there are so may benefits to all of the individuals.  We will have classes and workouts designed for the whole family no matter how big the age spread. It is possible for a family of 4 or 5 to also progress together and also compete at tournaments together.  We have family classes every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday Morning.


10.  Can I take both karate and Ju-Jitsu classes together?

A:  Yes You Can!!!  It is highly encouraged that you spend time with both systems, this is the key to becoming a truly well rounded martial artist. For a one time fee, you will be able to come to as many classes as you like.  There are two separate belt systems and levels of progression, but you will find how well both systems will work together.


11.  Why is the “Little Champions” After School program the best for my child?

A:  You won’t find a better level of structure, safety, discipline, and activity at any other after school program in all of collier county.  Your kids will be picked up on time and brought safely to the “Little Champions” program where they will be able to get there homework started while having a blast practicing karate in a healthy active environment.  As a parent, you will have piece of mind knowing that your kids are always in good hands with our in house webcam that will always be available by login and password for you to view your kids at any time.

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