After School Program

“Little Champions”

After School Program

Accepting Registrations Now!!


  • Free Transportation from school to our “Little Champions” Facility
  • Password Protected Web Cams to view your children at any-time!
  • Pick – up from  Osceola, Calusa Park, Vineyards, Pelican Marsh!!


Excellent Value at $96.00 per week!!

Drop off at $75.00 per week!!

Includes Unlimited Karate Membership!!

Registration is limited for 2018 – 2019 school year


Parents!! Don’t let your children waste precious after school time lounging around in front of the computer or TV.  Get them involved and keep them active in our Little Champion’s Program!! Keep your children fit and healthy with our martial arts training while also accomplishing their homework!! Studies have proven, children who participate in martial arts have better grades and are more focused than those who do not.


 Our “Little Champions” program is one of the most popular afterschool programs in the Naples area.  At American Sports Karate we offer timely pick-up from local area elementary schools including Calusa Park,  Vineyards, and Osceola.  What draws most parents to our program are our in-house webcams that allows you to view your child at anytime  just by logging on to our website with your own secure password.

 We take special pride in the fact we can offer a healthy, constructive, positive program for your child instead of the typical day care environment.  While enrolled in our “Little Champions” program, your children will have the chance to interact with other positive minded children and they will be staying active and fit by receiving karate and martial arts instruction.

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