Sports Karate / Competition Karate

Competition Team 

“Competition Breeds Excellence”

  • Don’t miss a chance to be a part of our world class competition team!
  • Opportunities exist to compete on AAU / USA-NKF / and other national and international traveling teams!!
  • Our program has sent athletes all over the world to represent the U.S.A and American Sports Karate.


American Sports Karate specializes in competing on the Amateur Athletic Union and United States National Karate Federation national circuits.  Our instructors and coaches have 20 years of experience developing and training State, National, and even World class Athletes and competitors. 
 The skills obtained by young athletes through our competition program have pushed them heads and shoulders above the competition in their future endeavors.  They not only will gain physical advantages but also sharpen their mental discipline.
High level competition brings out the best in all of our students, young and old.  It allows you to test your skills in a fun, competitive environment against other traditional martial artist from across the globe.  Our program has been sending athletes to places like Japan, Scotland, Italy, Vancouver, and Germany to represent the USA since 1999. 
Once accepted into the competition program, you will have access to our state of the art training tools and equipment to allow you or your child to succeed.  You will have world champion instructors and coaches developing the success of our competitors physically and mentally.  You will have access to a different level of strength and conditioning training, nutritional guidance and 20 years of experience in our world class coaching staff.

  • Competition is fun for all ages!!

Everyone from the ages of 5 – 55 are eligible to benefit from the competition team and most of all the competition workouts.  Training with the A.S.K. competition team will help to make you faster, more agile, and increase your performance and self-confidence throughout your martial arts training.  You will see your performance in Jiu-jitsu increase and your ability to handle a stronger opponent in your self defense training will soar to new heights.
Competition training truly makes you train your body to peak performance and gives you a much sharper edge over every other portion of your training.  It’s fun, exciting, and exhilarating to say the least. We have athletes and coaches that have been traveling the world because of there dedication to the sport of competitive karate.  We at American Sports Karate believe that everyone should be able to compete and learn in a respectful environment for all ages and do not tolerate unsportsman-like conduct and disrespect.  Come check out the training opportunity of a lifetime!!

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