Self Protection

Self Defense and Personal Protection

  • Build Confidence in yourself and your children that you never thought possible!
  • Perfect program for your teenagers before heading off to college!!
  • Every program American Sports Karate has to offer is built around the goal teaching you and your family the art of Self Defense and Situational Awareness!!


This is the program that is interwoven into every technique we teach and every program we offer at American Sports Karate.  Originally, the martial arts as a whole were founded and created for one purpose and that is personal protection and self-defense of yourself and your loved ones.  At American Sports Karate, our instructors have been teaching men, women, and children the art of self-defense here in the Naples Community since 1992. Our instructors have years of experience with everything from women and children self-defense courses, to SWAT team tactics for local police, and military hand to hand combat.


You can rest assure that every program offered at A.S.K. will enhance your ability to defend yourself in real world situations and control those situations even against bigger and seemingly stronger opponents.  The striking and body movement that you will master in our karate program will mix perfectly when having to apply techniques learned in our self-defense and combat  ju-jitsu programs.  Also, our kumite and competition karate programs will help students to understand proper distance and timing to make the techniques effective and apply them appropriately.


Once a student has emerged themselves in the study of this program they will soon realize that they have the ability to defend themselves and be confident in threatening situations.  Most will even agree that there confidence makes it easier to simply avoid these situations all together.  For women and children especially, this skill is priceless!!


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