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American Sports Karate
Welcomes You

Since 2008, American Sports Karate has provided exceptional instruction of traditional Karate to the Greater Naples area. Our instructor and leadership staff has a rich history and a deep passion for the art of Wado Karate and teach on a world class level.  Our Instructor group is dedicated to helping young students strive to become the best version of themselves through the physical and mental training that martial arts has to offer. We are honored that you have chosen American Sports Karate as the start of a very rewarding journey that ultimately will create a better version of yourself. 

Focus, Discipline, Confidence, Respect.

Our mission

At American Sports Karate we promise to practice and teach the highest quality martial arts in a comfortable, friendly and mutually respectful environment. We also dedicate ourselves to helping our athletes reach their maximum potential.

Here at American Sports Karate, our mission is to develop a championship mindset in our young students that helps them perform their best at all aspects of their daily life. Our Core Values of Discipline, Confidence, Focus, and Respect are the basis of our teaching and development of our students. These values are instilled from the hard work, successes, and setbacks that students learn to overcome through years of dedicated study. Building the Championship mindset isn't about just winning medals through competition. The students will learn to develop themselves through mastering the daily challenges that the training presents and revel in the success that mastering each belt level brings. 

Our son has thrived at American Sports Karate with their world-class instruction and expert coaching.

His personal growth is beyond what we expected when he started six years ago and his self confidence has increased tremendously.

We recommend ASK to anyone wanting their child to learn not only karate, but also discipline, courage and humility.


I remember driving by the red, white and blue karate sign when my son was just four year’s old. I decided that day to sign him up. Little did I know that this organization was the steppingstone into building my son’s personality into the young boy that he is today...self confident, hard working, kind and respectful both in and out of school. That was 6 years ago. He is now 10 and his younger brother, who is 6, has joined the team. American Sports Karate and their staff are truly amazing. They know kids. They know how to create an environment that teaches values and character. They have taught my sons to never give up, to help others and most importantly to believe in themselves. As a mother, I couldn’t ask for anything more. I can’t wait to see them both continue to advance with such a great group of people and atmosphere.


In my experience, finding an exceptional after school program, with superior martial arts instruction, and individuals you are proud to have influencing your child is simply impossible, unless of course you are fortunate enough to join American Sports Karate.

It has been more than 7 years since my two children began their development with the team of professionals at American Sports Karate. I say “development” because  A.S.K. children are not just kept busy; they are provided many of the tools needed to navigate life successfully. Self confidence, discipline, mindfulness, physical strength and perseverance are just a few.

In our opinion, enough cannot be said about Sensei Eric Masino. His passion for the sport is visible. His drive, genuine interest, and commitment to the personal growth of his students is evident.

My children are now teenagers, and between them have won 7 National Championships, gained memories and valuable life experiences unlike that of their peers, and are healthier and better prepared for adulthood as individuals.

Sensei Masino’s expertise in creating “winners” in and out of the world of competitive Karate makes American Sports Karate the best and only place for you, your child, or the entire family.


I am a parent of 2 little girls. The younger sibling, who is 4, had a tendency to become withdrawn and quiet in her everyday life, not knowing how to become her own person. After training for a few months, her confidence improved. I was nervous when she was asked to test for her first belt. Concerned that she was not going to be able to perform under the stress of many spectators. Her confidence shined though every part of the testing! 

My older daughter, who is 6, adapted very well to the sport from day one. She is a seeker for perfection and has been challenged in every class. As a result, she started her first competition season in 2019. During her very first tournament she shared the platform with many other talented martial artists of her age. While she did not bring home the gold, her sportsman-like conduct allowed her to remain confident and positive for the future.

ASK is a welcoming family environment and they encourage helping one another. The first time I witnessed my 6 year old help younger students tie their belt and line up for class, I was astonished. I do not know of another sport that will develop leadership skills at such a young age.

I enjoyed watching my older daughter become a leader and look forward to seeing the younger one develop into her own.